Nebulizer Detox 202

Detox Neb 202

What is Nebulizer - The Medical Air compressor Nebulizer system is a medical device designed to deliver medication prescribed by a physician to the airways of the lungs. The nebulizer and air compressor combined. Provides an aerosol mist for inhalation by the patient for medical treatment only. Checklist of the nebulizer box - Aerosol Nebulizer Machine (1), Tubing (1), Mask (1), Filter (5).


Warranty Period - 2 Years repair warranty (*TnC Apply)


  • HOW TO INSERT MEDICATION - Open the cap, Fill the cap with medication as prescribed by your physician. But sure that the medication does not exceed the liquid site line 6ml (6cc), Close the cap.
  • HOW TO OPERATE NEBULIZER - Plug the air compressor, but do not connect the nebulizer. Make sure that the air filter is attached to air compressor. Turn on the power switch. After the air compressor runs properly for 1-2 minutes, connect net outlet of air compressor to the inlet of the Nebulizer by air hose. Begin treatment according to your physician’s instruction. Inhale and exhale naturally. Be sure to stop when the medication is completed. When you have completed. Use, turn the air compressor unit off before you disconnect the air hose. WARNING: Do not use near flammable objects or location near explosive materials.
  • AFTER USING THE NEBULIZER - Wash the Nebulizer with running water or soak in warm water for 15 minutes. For a more thorough, hygienic cleaning, add some vinegar in the water. Note: Do not boil the Nebulizer, doing so could damage it. Dry the Nebulizer completely before storing it.
  • HOW TO REPLACE AIR FILTER - Generally, the air filter should be replaced every three month or after 300 uses, to replace the air filter, Remove the Filter cover, Replace the filter, Replace the filter cover. Note: Whenever the filter become wet, allow it to dry completely before using.